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Cataracts Tong Ren?


Please, does someone have a tong ren protocol for cataracts?


Please read our tong ren for cataracts page, which is found underneath our general cataracts section within the conditions treated section of our theory site.


Thank you very much Chad! I can’t ever access the streams to see how others do it, so I’ll just try the points on the doll on my own. E.


What problems specifically are you having accessing the streams? All of ours, for example, are recorded so you can watch them anytime and within the tongrenstation site there are multiple classes daily - so at least one will in most cases fit a persons schedule.


Hi Chad, I had tried the tong ren station stream. There was a Friday stream on eyes and emotions advertised on the site. The picture would flick up for a minute or two, then disappear again. Last Friday, I tried to follow tom tam’s seminar in Italy, but the quality was really bad and it also went off after a few minutes even though I was watching from Germany. However, I discovered your YouTube videos on Friday. I don’t know why they did not show up in my YouTube searches before…maybe I had done too specific a search at that time. I’ll be looking through your videos though. I’ve had my doll for over a year now, but did not have the feeling anything was happening. I just picked it up again about two weeks ago in the hope I could figure it out and perhaps help myself with my cataract diagnosis and some weightloss. Thanks for replying to my questions.

Von meinem iPad gesendet


Dear Chad,
Thanks for your reply. I had tried accessing the stream on becuase I thought I needed to follow it live to benefit at all. I have never been able to access it live cos it just goes off. I also tried to access the livestream when Tom Tam was in Italy. The problem there was not only the fact that I could not receive it consistently, even though Germany is much nearer, the quality was also so bad that the audio was inaudible.


Thanks for the reply Chad. I’ve been doing searches for some time now, but never stumbled across this page. Will be sure to check it out!

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