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Carpal tunnel syndrome


**Female patient 44, with hyperthyroidism, has developed Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is just a beginning but she feels problems while using that hand.

  1. I wish to know whether thyroid has any effect on long run, to cause any complications like this

2 also Some expert may please guide me about points and precautions to be taken while needling such patients. **


From a western medicine perspective there is possible overlap with thyroid conditions and tendon issues such as carpal tunnel ( study ). From a Chinese Medicine perspective there is overlap as well between aspects of yin and/or blood deficiency which are often behind issues of hyperthyroidism.

So when you plan a treatment, first you focus on their Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treat the root causes, then you focus somewhat on the local issues (see Acupuncture Treatment Plan for general information).

The general information I can give you about carpal tunnel is that local needling is somewhat ineffective in my opinion, so working much higher up in the neck and the shoulder possibly with tuina and/or cupping is crucial to success. For a kidney yin deficient patient with these issues a treatment from me might look like:

Then tuina and cupping on the upper back and shoulders.


Thank you Mr. Chad.
I will plan my treatment based on your guidance and give you feedback.

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