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Cant quite figure out whats going on with me


Thanks for your responses last week about me going to school for acupunucture, I have since started with univeristy of phoenix online and doing quite well..

I have been having some pretty bad, and getting worse memory problems. I have also had bleeding gums, been more hungry then usual, and constantly have a pretty "easy going" stool. (I am a vegitarian though) I am addicted to sweets, especially chocolate, my face has a slightly red color usually all the time, and have been struggeling with moving back pain a lot lately. The back pain will one day be in the lumbar region, then the lumbasacrol, then the lumbo-thoractic area etc.

I am no expert to chinese medicine quite yet but I know that I have symptoms involvoing the spleen, stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder, heart and lungs. My symptoms seem to be really across the board. Tonifying (moxa) on SP 2,4, and 6 really seemed to instally help my memory and mental funciton today. The memory and back pain is what scares me, and ales me the most. Its really scary to be loosing my memory at 30.

I would appricate any insight. Thanks, Matt


It's always hard to offer opinions without having seen the person first hand, but I can offer some suggestions. First, particularly as you are planning on attending acupuncture school, see an acupuncturist in your area (or a few to get an idea of the range). Back pain is very easy to treat with acupuncture. Second, eat some meat. Think of it as medicine if you like, but it's fairly clear you are running your system down which vegetarians have a tendency to do (which is why you are getting the sweets craving and the yang deficiency signs). See my article "eat like a human" for more information on that subject.

School (i.e. thinking and memorizing) can be quite demanding on you. So you have to eat and take care of yourself just like you would for sports. I'd be willing to bet with a slightly better diet the majority of your conditions will improve greatly.

If you are going to continue with the moxibustion, try using ST 36 and perhaps SP 3, the rest are not as helpful for your particular case.


My uncle is an acupuncturist as I mentioned but hes like 1 and half hours away so I dont see him as much.. I have been pondering about getting a second opinion.. I would like to see someone trained in Leon Hammers diagnosis methods..

Chad, I appricate your help but I dont think I want to eat any meat. HAHAHAHA. I really am laughing that you said that not offended.

I have been having a feeling like my diet isn't quite right though.

I am playing on dropping off the sweets.

I have never tonified ST36 with moxa I will try that... and SP3

Thanks Chad


Memory Problems Mostly Resolved after 2 years...

I have been using grape seed, ginkgo, and 5-htp in conjunction with protien powder and jogging. This seems to be doing the trick. =]

I quite smoking just before the memory problems occured so to look at it from a western standpoint I probably starting having imbalances with the neurotransmitters dopamine/norepinephrine, seritonian and maybe GABA (was experiencing Anxiety too).

Thanks for the support, the protien was of service I did start eating fish again.

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