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Hi everybody,

Sometimes cancer patients need acupuncture treatments because of treatment's side effect. I'm worried about using prohibited points while doing acupuncture treatment. I don't know any prohibited points. Do you know prohibited points that I don't have to use on cancer patients?


There are no contraindications specifically with cancer. You should simply treat the person as you would anyone else.... Proper TCM pattern diagnosis is key along with local ashi (ouch) points.



thank you for advising on this interesting subject

i also have a cancer patient that is 60 years old , female, was diagnosed with colon cancer, went through surgery and is now going through chemotherapy , but is suffering from very debilitating nausea...

my question is: if during chemotherapy - while the intent is to suppress the immune system- how can i treat the nausea without intensifying the cancer?

i have given her one treatment so far. pc6, gb34, k3.

is it a good idea to use points on spleen meridian? large intestine meridian? cv?

also she has a very bad metal-like taste in her mouth .and must warm all her food before eating. even if the food is at room temperature.

i would be grateful for your thoughts on this subject.

Dina Ruth

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