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Cancer, Tumors and Tong Ren Therapy


I read the Tam's book. I have to say I am really impress with the principles and results within this type of therapy. I have some questions for anyone that is practicing this technique:
How long it takes generally to srink or eliminate a tumor?
How much does it cost for this type of treatment?
Do you guys are having amazing results as is reported by Tan?
How is the success of Tan's treatment for diabetis?
Thanks for the feed back


Hi Romel,
I'm just an assistant who has worked with Tom for about two years. I can give you some answers based upon my obsevations.
Different types of tumors can take different amounts of times. Actually knowing the size of a tumor depends upon a patient's doctor visits and scans, so we don't have an accurate measure. Some tumors will soften or shrink immediately. Others can take months.
The treatments are substantially free. Some are completely free, like Haverhill. Some request a donation of $10., like Quincy. Some require a $10 fee.
Tom is supported by several dozen volunteers. The only compensation that we receive is the results that we see in the patients, as well as our own good health from practicing the therapy. The results are statistically significant and we are trying to find proffessional researchers to examine the therapy.
The results with diabetes are overwhelmingly positive. We are trying to solicit more diabetes patients.
Visitors to the Tong Ren sessions are very welcome. We are very interested in showing Tong Ren therapy to medical practitioners.
Thanks for your interest, and let us have any other questions.


Thanks for your response and your time.
In general how long is the treatment?
And how much percentage of time acupuncture needles are inserted in the patient ?
I am just curious.
Romel C.


Hello Romel,

The acupuncture treatments are about an hour long and include a private version of what we do in the Tong Ren Therapy courses (i.e. energy work), the needles are then inserted and retained for approximately 25 minutes and the treatment concludes with some deeper tuina (chinese massage).

The classes are an hour long and each person is given a more or less equal amount of time to state what their problem is and be worked on. The collective energy of the group, however, is of utmost importance and the entire time you are in the class you are receiving benefit.

Yin Yang House Acupuncture and Energy Healing Center

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