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Cancer+HIV: /fu-zheng-kang-ai-pian and kang-zhong-pian-


BACKGROUND: My brother has both HIV/AIDS and cancer of the pancreas. He went through Chemo, which cratered his immune system. He is very ill, and the chemo did not reduce the tumor that is in pancreas. In short, he is dying. He is not on medications for the HIV -- we had it controlled through diet and other things until the cancer complicated everything and chemo was introduced. Over the past 10 years, he has also had cancerous tumors removed from the brain. And, unfortunately, he has no money whatsoever and my funds are extremely limited, so it's hard to find "holistic" help. I've studied tonic herbs, but am careful with medicinal herbs. QUESTION: These Chinese medications look very promising. Does anyone know: isthere a contraindication for taking them if a person also has HIV? The speediest answer possible would be of great benefit. Thank you so much for helping. And, I release anyone that answers this post from any kind of medical liability - I am just trying to make sure that I don't do anything that would create additional problems for him. I can barely afford the medicine -- otherwise, I'd send him to a professional.


In advanced stages of cancer only very experienced practitioners can help - so I strongly, strongly suggest you find someone locally. In the absence of that, as those formulas are beneficial for the immune system in general there are no contraindications per se for hiv. But there are contraindications with other underlying conditions and patters from a Chinese Medicine perspective which is why you need to see a practitioner. If money is an issue I would find an acupuncture school nearby - there is one, acaom, in houston. They often have free or low cost clinics by students with professional supervision.

In the absence of the ability to see a practitioner I would rather suggest you and he attend one of our many online tong ren therapy healing sessions. They are offered for free, online, and allow you to receive treatment. I won&#39t go into much detail about tong ren here as it&#39s covered in many places on this site, but cancer is what the system was largely developed for. Our sessions are most tuesdays from 6-6:30 - you can view here when live - and others are available at various times at

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