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Can you practice tong ren on someone if they dont know it?


There is this newborn all over the news by the name of Easton Friedel. He has a rare skin disease caleed EB he also has edema, blood infection heart infection and is suffering a great deal. Id like to practice Tong Ren on him, can you do this conciously without a teleconference? is there anyone else that can reach out to the parents and help them? they have a facebook page called support baby easton friedel


Yes you can practice tong ren on someone without their knowledge. Working on people in a coma is an example of this. When the person and/or family knows there is a logical argument that the "transmission" will be stronger, but it is certainly not a requirement. When the parents have a fb page, however, they are obviously asking for help. Why wouldn&#39t you just write them, tell them a little about tong ren, offer a time when you are going to regularly perform the technique and ask for their blessing to do so...

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