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Can TCM work for me?



This is my first time posting here and would like to thank Chad Dupuis who is a very active practioner for answering as much as he can.

A bit about me: I am 23 years old and I had nasal blockage (no runny nose, just blocked nasal that shifts depending on which side I lay)- I had CT scan done and they said i didn't have sinusitis. Anyhow I do have thick white post nasal drip. I still breathe from nose but my mouth is sometimes pooled with saliva (only the mouth floor - under tongue) or its dry and have stringy, thick and aerated saliva. My brain also doesn't feels its connected directly to my tongue, like words are on my tongue but I don't remember them at that moment it comes to me after a while.

Do you think this can be treated by TCM (medicine and accupuncture)?

Thank You


Yes, this should be somewhat trivial to treat. Find a practitioner in your area - there are many. The general concept for what you have going on is "dampness" in Chinese Medicine. For a general introduction to this concept read "My Spleen is What?". Our treatment page for sinusitis has a pattern for spleen qi deficiency (the root cause of dampness) which will give you a general idea of how someone might treat it. It&#39s not an exact fit for you, but gives you an idea.

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