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Can Saffron herb help my menstrual situation?


My acupuncturist gave me saffron to try but I can’t find anything on this board. I went through massive menstrual bleeding months ago and acupuncture stopped it within 9 days after a trial of high dose birth control pills. I stopped taking the pills months ago but I’m left with anxiety/weepy depression/host of cognitive issues and my next period didn’t come for 2 months. Acupuncturist gave me saffron hoping to induce my period. I DIDN’T take it and a light period did show up over a week ago but it comes on for 3 days, off for 2 days and repeat. It’s been 11 days and I haven’t tried the saffron till today. I took 3 strands in water. I was wondering if Saffron can possibly help my hormone imbalance and depression. It has a positive effect on my mood instantly but I’m afraid of the possible estrogenic effect. Some say it brings on bleeding while others say it helps with menorrhagia. I am confused.


Our page for saffron (hong hua) is here.

As for whether it is right for you or not only your practitioner can help with that. Generally speaking Chinese Medicine doesn’t often utilize individual herbs, so a more complete formulation that more fully accounts for your range of symptoms would more likely be appropriate.


Thanks for the reply. My acupuncturist isn’t a herbalist but is very knowledgeable on specific herbs. I suppose she found it helpful to bring on periods so she suggested it. But I wanted to know generally as an individual herb, what saffron is used for. It’s just strange how there can be contradicting uses for it. It can be used to bring on a period yet it can be used for heavy menstruation.

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