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Can i eat seaweed everyday


can i eat seaweed everyday


Maybe, maybe not, particularly with certain thyroid conditions like hyperthyroidism. Also depending on where you are sourcing it from and what your other heavy metal exposures are it might be best to avoid it or minimize it. For others it can be a very helpful addition to their overall diet.

It depends on your overall health, what type(s) of seaweed and what amounts you are talking about. What is your concern with eating seaweed? In other words, why are you concerned that you shouldn’t be eating it?


I have read in one medical website saying that if we eat seaweed even in a small amount everyday, we will get thyroid disorders and even thyroid cancers. Please explain to me why


I would ask the owners of that website, but by any credible research, except for the caveats I mentioned already, that would be completely incorrect.

There are many benefits to seaweed, but as with anything moderation is the key - even for things that have no downsides.

As for seaweed and thyroid cancer, this study concluded that:

“Further analyses did not indicate any association between seaweed intake and the risk of thyroid cancer on statistically adjusting for potential confounding variables as well as on stratification by menopausal status. The present study did not find an association between seaweed intake and thyroid cancer incidence in premenopausal or in postmenopausal women.”


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