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Can i comment for the website?


To: yyh_staff

Can I comment for this website? I think that it is very important to indicate also how is the needling to be done. If there is an acupoints, there will be also a direction how the needling is to be done. In my own opinion, it can help people who had already a backround in acupuncture but no formal training. Like in Philippines, and in some third world country. But this is only my opinion, hehehe... Thank you...


The theory sections of our site are written with a number of assumptions in mind. The majority of our assumptions are training in proper needling techniques, diagnosis, and other treatment methods. To avoid enabling people to practice acupuncture without proper training we have left off detailed information that would be common knowledge amongst anyone properly trained in acupuncture techniques. This is done in large part for the safety of patients world-wide.

In theory we would like to offer some of this information, but haven't for the above stated reasons. Additionally, our time is better spent writing about new theories and treatment protocols than rewriting commonly understood techniques.

If you have specific questions, the forums are a good place for those, but there are too many variables in needling depth, style, and overall technique to write anything representative.

Yin Yang House Staff

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