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Can blood-building herbs cause mid-cycle bleeding?

Hello, I have mid-cycle spotting/bleeding which is highly unusual for me (can’t remember ever happening before), so I am worried. I have been taking blood-building herbs (Ba Zhen Tang) about 6-8 weeks. Could it be a too high dosage or inappropriate formula, or is it something more I should be worried about? It’s day 13 now and I’ve had spotting/light bleeding since day 11.
Also my cycles are regular and I am in my early 40s.
I really just want to know if this formula has the ability to cause this ever, or if the formula would never cause this I need to look into other reasons…

I wouldn’t say it would never cause this, but it generally would be unlikely. What really matters, however, is what was the supporting diagnostic signs and symptoms you were using to begin taking ba zhen wan to begin with. If a practitioner recommended it, you should consult with them and if you simply chose it because it seemed like a good idea you should consult with a practitioner.

That said, there is always a chance of pregnancy (“implantation bleeding”) or that the herbs have led to some changes of the underlying hormonal balances and it will even out with the next cycle or two. If it’s just a few days I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless it starts happening every cycle.

Yes I was diagnosed with kidney, qi and blood deficiency and prescribed custom formulas. But after many months of treatments I could no longer go in to see the practitioner due to time and financial constraints. But I was still having some symptoms (primarily thinning/falling hair, fatigue and dizziness) so I purchased the Ba Zhen Tang hoping it would help me more. My hair loss does seem better. I’m not sure if I should stop the formula due to this unusual bleeding, or reduce dosage, or if I should just keep on it and see if things improve and the bleeding stops?

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