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Can anyone at all help me please


My name is Amy I have been helping my husband to relax he has bad stomach issues but I found out there is a place on his stomach that brings him awake and helps him be vibrant again but not long it’s above the belly button about 3 or 4 fingers and between the muscle there could anyone help me identify this area and what it does it would be greatly appreciated


I would start by looking at points along the conception vessel meridian and see what ones are closest to the area that you are touching. Then click on those points and read about their functions.


You will find along that meridian mentioned by Chad several Alarm points. Often the body will make these points tender as they need to be treated. Tender means painful to the touch. Treating them often will help the body resolve issues underneath. This is not a substitute for acupuncture treatments but it can often help. CV 12, for example, is the Stomach Alarm point. Check out the other Alarms and see if any of them are alarming.

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