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Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto?


Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto?
Appreciate others experience.
Thank you. Danuta


Yes acupuncture and possibly herbal therapy can be highly effective in treating Hashimoto. This is something we treat fairly regularly. Acupuncture is really very effective in treating autoimmune conditions in general. You can also read more about TCM and Hashimoto here.


Hi there, what specific acupuncture points would help Hashimoto’s disease? Currently I am having an exaserbation of symptoms, mostly inflamed joints in hands, and constipation. I am unable to work with my own DU14, and the area surrounding it, which I know is helpful for inflammation and autoimmune issues, but are there other point that I could work with myself?




With something as complicated as autoimmune conditions the best results will be achieved by regular visits to a fully licensed and experienced practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Using one off points for nearly any condition, even relatively simple ones, will generally not get you very far. That said, some of our more commonly used points from our system are found on this response to another person with a similar question.


Hi Chad:

Oh for sure, I will definitely visit my TCM doctor once I’m more up and about.

Should have told you that I had strabismus surgery two years ago, and still unable to drive, or read much. With that issue, and Hashimoto’s, I am unable to get out as much as I’d like, and need to rely on people to take me places. It’s slow progress, but doing better than a year ago.

Thanks again for these points. Will try some of them.



You are welcome. Don’t know if you noticed, but those points are drawn from our Tong Ren Therapy energy healing system (also used within acupuncture). But there are free broadcasts where you can request healing nearly daily. Most are posted at . Ours is broadcast most Wednesdays at 6:30pm EST - information about ours is here.


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