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Can acupuncture treat body temperature imbalances


My husband suffers from heat exhaustion ( even if he is only in the sun for 15 minutes and even if he isn't in extreme heat). He has flu like symptoms, headaches. He also "runs warm" during 50 degree weather. He is depressed from the sun! Can acupuncture help regulate his body temperature?


Yes and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be very helpful as well. Proper diagnosis, however, is key so you should consult with a practitioner locally. Generally speaking if someone has heat problems along with heat at night possibly nightsweats they likely have what we call Kidney Yin Deficiency. If someone has heat problems along with headaches, digestive problems like reflux they may have Liver Fire. Or if someone has spontaneous sweating, weakness, possibly shortness of breath they could have Spleen Yang Deficiency. There are, of course, other possible diagnoses and the moderately likely chance of what we call mixed patterns. The treatment and the speed of resolution will depend largely on the underlying diagnosis.


It definitely can! As Chad says, it sounds like your husband has aYin/Yang imbalance. Yin is everything in the body that&#39s cool, calm and collected, and Yang is Warmth, activity and drive. Sounds like there&#39s a Yin deficiency, and possibly some other things going on too... a qualified acupuncturist would be able to do a full diagnosis and offer some help.

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