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Can acupuncture make my condition worse


I have Lyme, babesia, candida, adrenal fatigue, chronic EBV and HHV6
I had my very first acupuncture session yesterday
After it was done I immediately became a zombie. In bed all yesterday and today. Totally exhausted and wiped. Dizziness upon standing and to weak to walk. Does this mean acupuncture is not good for me? Need some suggestions how to reverse this. Rest clearly isn’t doing it ):

Fatigue and mental slowness after acupuncture

I can’t say you’ll be entirely healed from acupuncture alone, but worsening conditions from acupuncture is rare. Essentially impossible from an experienced fully trained acupuncturist. Fatigue is an extremely common reaction to treatment, particularly the first few. Your body needs to rest to heal. Note that there is a million years between the rest that comes from down regulating an overstimulated system and fatigue from a deep worsening illness. You will have to trust the process of healing and the guidance of your practitioner to improve. Unfounded fear is not part of the healing process. Acupuncture only works because it works with your body to heal, not against it. Keep that in mind and trust the process.


How long does this typically last? I can’t hold my eyes open. Can’t drive. Can’t even get out of bed it’s that bad /: I’m really shocked at how I’m reacting. I expected to be tired but not this wiped.


Not knowing all the intricacies of your medical history or the skill level of your practitioner or what points they used I can’t really answer that. Your practitioner is the best person to have this discussion with. In my experience these stronger reactions are rare to begin with, don’t last for more than a couple days and if they happen at all, only happen the first 2 or 3 treatments.


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