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Can accupunture help in curing deafness since birth


My 4 year daughter can’t hear from birth.She hears only loud sounds.can accupunture help in curing her deafness.please help


It would depend on what the cause of the deafness is. If the deafness is due to a genetic disorder then acupuncture probably won’t help much. If however the deafness is functional in nature, meaning that she has all the necessary structural components and her brain is simply not correctly processing the information, acupuncture could help quite a lot. I would recommend at least trying acupuncture as there is the possibility it could help her.


She has a development delay 1 and half years.But her IQ is good.motor skills not developed according to age.When she was born she dint cry for a few minutes. She just speaks only very few words.Doctor recommended Cochlear implant but we don’t think she needs it as she has shown an improvement in hearing.Not that great but improvement is there.Moreover she hears wen someone claps behind her back or call her name loudly.have started accupunture recently.He says that her hearing part of brain is not properly active.and also lacks growth.
Am going in the right direction.
Please suggest


Acupuncture can help with developmental problems. I would recommend that you continue acupuncture treatment for at least several months before expecting to see any significant difference.


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