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Calming Qi?


Hi Chad,

After tapping in Guinea Pig classes at night, I feel quite vibrant. This is a wonderful thing in the morning but a bit problematic if you need to head home to bed. Any suggestions for calming the qi after classes?



Tong Ren, and other forms of qi gong and energy healing, can be quite stimulating and depending on how strong your reactions are to the techniques it can be difficult to settle down afterwards. The main thing is that at the end of the treatment you should use the descending points - usually LV 3 and/or KD 1. So we generally work from the top of the head, through all the main points, then down the leg, often through the bladder channel UB 40/54 and then down through LV 3 and/or KD 1 to settle the Qi.

If you are doing that and you still feel a little active, you can try acupressure on those points as well. That should be enough to settle you down. A walk is also a good way to descend the Qi and prepare yourself for sleep.

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