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Calcium Deposition in shoulder Joints


A 40 year old female patient is reported to me for seviour pain in right shoulder and right hand. She is not even able to hold spoon by her right hand. Pathological investigations say she has developed calcium deposits in her shoulder joint.

I just want to know whether this can be treated by our standard frozen shoulder treatment or some additional treatment needs to be given. Western medicines, physiotherapy has been proved useless for last 4 months. I have already started the treatement for frozen shoulder.

All are requested to give their opinions in this matter.


Herbally, I have had excellent results treating arthritic inflammation using Boswellia serrata both as topical salve and in tablet formulas If you have the raw boswellia, crush it up, soak and dissolve in vinegar and apply. It is also contained in some over-the-counter formulas where it is called 5-loxin. Popularly used in Ayurvedic medicine for arthritis and other inflammation conditiions. Can be used for the inflammation and pain of frozen shoulder. Studies recommend 250 mg per day for best relief for arthritis patients who begin to feel improvement in about a week. I&#39ve recommended it for recovery from deep tissue or tui na massage with excellent results. The Arthritis Foundation recommends it too.


You of course always start by treating the root (that is the persons overall diagnosis) and then, yes, similar local points to what you are using for other shoulder issues would work. While not directly relevant our acupuncture for arthritis treatment page has some related tcm diagnoses and many local points for specific body areas (the shoulder points are near the bottom of the article).


Thank you both of you.


A supplemental approach might also be useful since the patient was diagnosed with calcium deposits which could be casued by an imbalance of calcium and vitamin K2. A recent article from Dr. Mercola pointed out the importance of K2 in maintaining proper calcium placement in the body. I tend to use a balanced approach of herbs and supplements when treating patients that I find effective especially if acupuncture alone isn&#39t seeming to help.

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