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Burn-out manager


Submitted By: heinkoopstaz

who would be interested in design and execution of a multi-centered study to:

measure the effects of acupuncture for burn-out?

design a "preventive burn-out" protocol (a periodical preventive acupuncture session, analogy to the dentist).


I would be interested in this kind of study. I am currently a student, so I cannot promise the involvement of a centre, but I would be interested to be involved. I have a strong interest in working with people who are suffering various psychological problems related to high-stress lifestyles, and burn-out is one of them.

My academic background is that of an interdisciplinary MA (adult learning/education, counselling psychology, nursing & surgery) with a research-based thesis on change theory and post-operative adaptation and (re)learning.

I have also done quite a lot of project related work, and have a degree in writing.


Sounds good!

We should start designing a multi-centered study protocol.


What kind of burn-out would be involved? When I think of that, I personally think of women and men who are overworking, and also doing too much outside of work, not sleeping enough, probably poor nutrition with lots of coffee or tea.

On the other hand, people who say they are burned out sometimes mean they are bored and limited in their lives and work, and while not depressed, they don&#39t find a lot of pleasure or stimulation in every day.

Those are coming from quite different perspectives in terms of health. What is it from your point of view?

Perhaps a good place to start is to lay out the parameters of what burn out is (and isn&#39t) for the purposes of this study. After that, we would then be in a much better position to find appropriate candidates.

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