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Bruising around Meridian points


I just had my first acupuncture treatment in over five years on April 27. Shortly after I had the treatment, I started developing a bruise on my left hand, approximately covering the area of LI 2-4, which is still healing. Around 1:15 a.m. on May 2 I had a major cold wave down my spine that lasted about 20 minutes. It chilled the rest of my body to the point I had to put on winter pajamas and use a quilt to warm up. The cold was centered within the spine itself. By the end of the work day on May 2, I had developed a bruise encompassing my Triple Heater 2 and 3 points.

I believe that the bruise on the left hand may have developed because there had been a needle in LI 2 and during the treatment my nose started itching, I scratched it, and the needle may have nicked a small capillary from being moved. I have no recollection of what caused the bruise on the right hand, it just sort of appeared.

Does this type of bruising have any sigificance in acupuncture treatments?



Bruising around a needle happens very rarely to experienced practitioners and in beginners/students it may happen more often due to improper needling techniques and/or needling too deeply. Systemic bruising, however, is an entirely different issue and may indicate a more serious health issue.

If the bruises were at or near the point of needle insertion I would simply let them go away, tell your practitioner the next time you visit, and hope it doesn't happen again. If it happens repeatedly, strongly consider seeing a different practitioner.

If the bruises are truly in different areas of the body than those that were needled I would visit your doctor and have a checkup and some blood work done just to be safe.

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