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Few questions regarding breathing exercises.

What is the significance of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, is there any breathing technique in chinese medicine that propagates inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose.

Breathing deeply has more significance or which part (mouth or nose) you are breathing from has more significance.


Actually i used to suffer from severe anxiety that i am able to cure to larger extent, somtimes i feel energy stuck into my chest that i am able to descent through exercises but i had an insight that the proper breathing exercise is the solution for me, if some one can guide me with this (Breathing Exercise), it will be really grateful.





Self Help tutorials and wellness programs.

Learning to breathe properly provides-creative health benefits for a lifetime.

By activating the all-natural vital life force within (Chi) or Qi, deep breathing is

a foremost healing (Panacea-cure all).

Hi my name is Walter Cloud

Following are activates involved in my self-help wellness program and tutorial.

No actual touch is required, they can be learned in a single day, and they can take

it with them for a life Time of benefits.

Deep breathing’ is now recognized as a foremost (Panacea or cure-all!) 1st. Stretch the neck & head-up straight as if your head is pushing the ceiling up.

Shoulders-back/squar, slouching even 1-1/2 inches impairs breathing up to 30%.

We have all heard’ about the wonderful affects of proper breathing, of Oxygenating the blood providing greater awareness in the mind and fresh vitality to the body, or boosting one’s immunity by spiking the metabolism and so-forth.

Few understood however, that the breath is key to experiencing good health

and for recovering from ill health and a diseased body.

Following are a few ways I take advantage of this natural healing phenomenon,

one of the most vital of life forces a most effective purifier and healing tool our breathing. Easy to learn, shear and perform’ proper breathing and deep relaxation has only recently been discovered to be a most effective, all natural healing force available any where

at any price, and its free! Please See. The book “The Healer Within”

By Roger Jabnke, a HarperSanFrancisco Book.

A. (Fire Breath), is performed with an open mouth thong-out producing a steamy panting-breath, like when polishing a mirror. Next:

B. The (Belly bouncing breath) again a rapidly panting breath, with the thong pressed

to the roof of the mouth. You are doing it right when the belly is rapidly bouncing.

C. (Yoga Breath) 2-4 successive-inhalations, pose for a moment at the top of the last inhalation, then deeply-fully and completely relax. Ps. when exhaling’ lower the eyes down towards your body and blow-out gently

down over the thumbs of the hands which are raised in a folded praying position.

D. Lastly learn to perform your physical-movements to follow in-the pose after your in-breaths, and that’s all there is to mindful movement! Think of every in-breath

as cooling, and every out going breath as a worming breath! Yin & Yang. Now string them all together A-D in that order, and soon it will become second nature to integrate your breath to your glory with your movements. Self-awareness is curtail, because we like the trees,till our energetic ruts are sunk deeply expansion upward or outward is not safely possible. Go Zafar..


As one of the most vital of all life forces breath

is a worthy topic to be explored.

Further, our breath is the most intimate connection/-

communication tool we have with the universe.

One might say that our breathing is our universal identity.

Considering that the quality or clarity, of our mind body and blood

all are directly influenced by the qulity of our breathing.

As the foundation of all meditations breathing is the 1st. stage of relaxation, a normal-breath is of-cource, an un-abashed or not controled thought-less panting! Beyond that however, is a world of diverce and extraordinary methuds that have the potentuel to assist us in accomplishing almost any physical materreal or spiritual thing.

In ZaZen yoga meditation 101 called following the breath.

Begins with the panting-breath, Kundalini yoga is also’ is

basically the science of breath control. However, because

it’s focus is generally on performing radical breathing and

breath depravation, I don’t recommend it as a practice,

but yes I certainly do as a study.

1st. mouth breathing is radical (aggressive) breathing i.e. panting

and Nose breathing is passive breathing. Subtle and discreet.

In breaths “bring in cool air-out breaths exchange worm air

with the universe. Looking downward at 45` through ½ closed eyes,

both types of breathing are made more affective.

(The Practice) any breathing exercises that are scheduled and performed

daily as a matter of disciplined participation is your practice.

Conversely to your understanding however, I understand from my

research that Passive (nose) breathing is the most common method performed!

Radical breathing (uncontrolled) breathing, however, is the starting point/technique for performing energy-state changes through meditation, for healing enhancement

and for giving expression to one’s personal emotions and aspirations in the form of prayer and affirmation, including mastering the Laws of attraction. Which dictates that whatever the energies you manifest and express is again (redoubled) by the universe = more of the same. So great care should be taken in regard to the connectivity or separating factor of the affects of the style one chooses.

(Qi-gong) for example is a (TCM) modality of exercise I recommend’ because it brings the breathing of the body into harmony with it’s movements. Unlike conventional exercise that interrupts these natural rhythms, which there-by causes exhaustion. Also breathing is the key to anxiety control “The 1st. thing one does when faced with an emotionally charged situation is to take a deep breath! That’s because a deep in-breath interrupts the panic or anxiety responce. So to develop a small arsenal of deep breathing methods is fundamental to experiencing better health emotionally and physically. I recommend the following routine- 1st. a (panting-breath,) opens the chest and lungs and makes a redial statement regarding you intentions and the intensity of your emotions. I.e. helps establish your presence.

Next; (Belly bouncing breath) breathing in & out rapidly through the nose with thong creating a slight suction on the roof of the mouth, (a panting through the nose) notice if the belly is bouncing in & out as you inhale and exhale rapidly and repeatedly’ . Next: 3erd.

With thong still lodged onto upper pallet of mouth take two or three back-to-back in-breaths pause at the top if the list in-breath, and then fully exhale. Known as “awakening’ (The Healer within). From there I move into blending my movements or creating harmony between my (in-breaths and exertions) and out-breaths with relaxation phases of any exercises I might be interested in performing that day. Mostly though that will be Qi-Gong, see: Shen Zhen Qi-Gong’ on youTube with master Li. “the exercise of unconditional love.” Qi gong is a healing exercise not a marshal arts practice, and over time one can/will learn different (Hand Moodras) to enhance the production and transference of these healing/supportive all natural and highly effective healing&#39 Bio-energies.

So that’s it’ this was a very good question because as it turns out chaos and a overly radical emotional disposition will only cause the same as a result of it’s reactions, making your troubles double. So definitely I’d say in-breaths are the most functional and creatively fruitful breaths and the place for Radical panting breaths is limited to starting a meditative practice and when hurriedly attempting to stabilize the emotions or cool of heat within the body. I.e both have good use but as to the value of one in contrast) to the other, the easy-going subtle in-breath through the nose is superior in accomplishing the more universally palatable results! Of the two nose breathing is the greater staple. But both have/play an important role in meditative, physical and healing endeavors

Yogi’s contend that if one perfects their breathing they will become immortal“ Good luck . (Shaktimanah)..

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