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I’m currently breastfeeding and i was told not to consume dang gui during breastfeeding…Is this true? If it is, what are the negative causes of dang gui that could cause to infants? How about ginseng too during breastfeeding?

I have dreams every night during my sleep since when i was young. I feel that everyday my rest is not sufficient despite sleeping for 10 hours and i suspected this is due to not restful sleep. Is there a reason why i have dreams daily in tcm context?



No, dang gui is actually more commonly used - with the right underlying clinical reasoning in appropriately created formulas - to increase lactation as well as a range of postpartum issues. While there are not specific studies for most herbs showing danger - we generally recommend people take their formulas (which, first, should be properly prescribed and only taken with good sound clinical reasoning) immediately after feeding or pumping which effectively means they are gone by the next time you feed or pump which minimized most, if not all, transfer to the infant.

Same with ginseng for the most part although you really have to watch how much ginseng you are taking and how close it is to feeding/pumping. You would watch your infant for signs of overstimulation or heat (same symptoms in yourself effectively) . Again, if a professional has recommended ginseng with a properly balanced formula for you, then it is likely fine - if you are just taking things that seem like they would help you, it is likely to not be ok.

In a TCM context excessive dreaming is generally related to what we would call spleen blood deficiency, or just blood deficiency in general. Herbs such as dang gui are used, within balanced formulas, for issues such as that - among others. Some of these potentials are laid out on our acupuncture for insomnia page.

As always you should only take Chinese herbal formulas under direct consultation and supervision with a trained herbalist/acupuncturist.


Thank you the information. It’s very helpful. But i heard ginseng actually reduces milk supply? Is this true?

How about cordyceps ? Is it safe to consume during breastfeeding? My baby is 7months now.

I saw many articles claiming chinese herbs contain many heavy metals especially arsenic and mercury, what do you think of these claims? Is it truly safe to consume chinese herbs in the long run? Will it do more harm than good due to heavy metal contamination?

I started to have boils on my right palm 4 months ago and it keeps coming back despite seeking the help of dermatologist. I suspect it’s an internal issue. I noticed this issue surfaced since i started NESPRESSO coffee (where the machine seems plastic made and the coffee bean capsules are made of aluminium ). I was just wondering are the breakouts of boils due to leaching of heavy metals into my body? I sincerely need help and advice on this as this is hindering my daily chores and is tremendously upsetting my emotions.



All of my answers are still the same regarding ginseng - as you may be finding there are few completely fixed rules in properly applied Chinese Medicine. There are many people who should not take ginseng for many clinical reasons, and in those women who do not need it, it could interrupt milk supply by overstimulating their adrenal system primarily.

As for heavy metals, you simply have to know where your formulas are coming from. All US suppliers test the raw materials before producing the formulas and most other major Chinese suppliers have similar controls in place. Compared with our general food supply, the “risk” is no worse and no better. Chinese herbs are used safely around the world in very high numbers with very limited accounts of actual toxicity - and most of those accounts would likely be in people who are self diagnosing and/or using herbs from poor suppliers. If you need a particular formula in a diagnostic sense, then it is good to take it and will not cause problems, just taking things because they seem right is likely to be not effective.

If you never had these issues before having nespresso coffee, don’t have nespresso coffee. While it could be the plastic, etc. it is more than likely due to an increase in caffeine.

Above all, I would suggest, as previously, that you consult with a practitioner in your area and receive a proper diagnosis of the underlying causes and more direct recommendations.


Thank you for the extensive information. Can dang gui still be used if there has been re-occurrence of cysts and fibroid in the body ?

I’m considering to purchase the ‘linking decoction’ but i noticed one of the ingredient which is ‘chuan lian zi’ is toxic. Is it safe to use toxic herbs? Will there be any adverse effects?

Are your formulas made by your clinic or it’s from other suppliers?

Thank you


We have a page that discusses the suppliers we use - About Our Herbal Suppliers • Yin Yang House Store

As for your other questions, you are effectively asking the same question repeatedly and my answer remains the same as I’ve already written. More importantly, you really should consult directly with a practitioner (in person) before deciding what you think you need.

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