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Breast node at h1

I am 55. I have breast node at h1 rhs in the axila since birth. It has never caused any problem and according to doctors it’s harmless.
But I believe it does point towards problem in the heart region. Presently no heart issue but to be on the safer side, I wonder if by toning h9 this can be dissolved.
Node at h1 means excess so h9 should be deficient…that’s how I thought of toning h9. As I am just learning…I thought of seeking your advice.
As it’s not an acute condition but node all the same,so I thought it’s excess condition. Kindly advice.

Thank you,

Generally speaking correct treatment within acupuncture requires a deep overall diagnostic process and fully planned out treatments. Using linear thinking with meridians in particular, while there are systems that support that more than others, often leads to poor results. If you are a practitioner and learning, not much bad will come from trying to resolve this, but if you are just learning, I would spend way more time on reading about diagnostic theory and learning to think more broadly about conditions in Chinese Medicine terms. This line of thinking broadens your idea of how diet, lifestyle, emotions, etc. all play into improving ones health.

All that said, if you’ve had the node since birth and your doctor says not to worry, I really wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Thank you so much for your quick reply.
I absolutely agree with you.
I just actually wanted to know if it will come under excess or deficient condition.


That would be determined from a host of other information, not from the symptom/issue itself and is generally a relative term rather than a fixed term (as an example, the heart is weak relative to the spleen, not the heart is weak, period). The diagnostic process in Chinese Medicine is about relative relationships among systems and functions in the body and the entire benefit of it is staying away from linear/fixed presentations. In simple terms you could say I’m a slow runner - but that statement in and of itself means nothing - is that slow compared to a Olympic marathoner, or slow compared to say a fast walker, or slow because I just ate a meal, or slower than I ran yesterday, etc… Everything has to be considered in complete context. Further, not everything has excess or deficiency, some things just are - particularly things like this that are present from birth.

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