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Breast Lumps


Hello, Was wondering how an acupuncturist determines if a female has breast lumps and how they would be treated if discovered? Thank you


Generally lumps would be found either via self examination or by the persons physician. To treat them via acupuncture this would depend greatly on the underlying diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. For more on that see, "What Does Acupuncture Treat?"

Generally though you resolve the underlying causes which is usually a mix of what we call liver qi stagnation and/or sp qi deficiency leading to dampness (similar causes for fibroids/cysts anywhere). For more on those patterns, read "My Liver is What?" and "My Spleen is What?". For breast cancer specifically we have our treatment protocol for breast cancer page which would be roughly similar for any type of benign lump as well.


I have treated breast lumps when the patient is being closely followed by an MD and the lumps have been diagnosed as benign. I have been successful in reducing lumps approx 1inchx1inch by 75% and eliminating smaller lumps.

In one case the underlying diagnosis was liver qi stagnation, blood and yin deficiency leading to blood stagnation as hard immovable lumps. The underlying patterns were treated for 8 weekly trreaments using local and indirect acupuncture points and herbal formulas for phlegm and blood stagnation in the upper body.

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