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Breast growth


Hi there, i have been reading lately on the net about some acupoints linked with breast growth ,is it true ,if so what points can be useful and can we use cupping in stead of needling in case of not finding an acupuncturist ?

Thank you


Similar to a variety of cosmetic acupuncture techniques there appears to be some work within this area. That said, this (as in western medicine) is an oft abused area of our field with many questionable techniques both in safety and in effectiveness. There are facilities using acupuncture for breast augmentation but they often couple treatment with various herbal creams which can be dangerous. The creams may contain phytoestrogens which appear to have links to increases in breast and other cancers. At best they have proven limited in their effectiveness and at worst may cause health problems after use.

From my perspective acupuncture can be used to facilitate toning and limit some of the effects of aging on our skin and bodies, but I'm not convinced that it alone could increase breast size the way the herbal creams may. Proper application is important to raise the effectiveness of treatments with this as a goal. This involves treating the person not just locally (i.e. face, thighs, breast, etc.) but using proper TCM diagnostic tools to remedy the persons primary imbalance(s). So treatment points (outside of obvious local points) will differ from case to case.

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