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Breast cancer survivor


Hi, I have a client who is a breast cancer survivor for the past 5 years. Recently she did a CT scan and found out she has a mass on her lung. My view is that the cancer possibly spread to the lung. How would you diagnose her and treat her?


To start with when you say “client” - what do you mean? Are you an acupuncturist, herbalist, just generally interested?


I am a massage therapist and currently studying herb and a future acupuncturist. I study at pacific college of oriental medicine, a lot of it was revolve around Chinese medicine and the eastern method of healing.


For yourself, I would refer her to an acupuncturist with cancer experience, ideally at your school, and have her receive proper comprehensive care. As you are considering acupuncture as a career, I would ask the practitioner (with permission from your massage patient of course) if you can observe the treatments and if there are ways that you can assist with massage in accordance with what they see is their underlying patterns/issues.

If you get at least that far I would be more than happy to help offer suggestions once you have someone locally who is working with her that isn’t starting from square one. The treatment of anything in Chinese Medicine is generally difficult and requires many years of theory and clinical experience and more life or death issues such as cancer require much, much more. Further, properly done, treatment is tailored to the individual not to “cancer” - so guidance on treatment approaches has to start with far more extensive information that just labeling the condition.


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