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Braxton Hicks?



Have you ever used Acupuncture or Tong Ren for Braxton Hicks? Any thoughts on the subject?

Many thanks!


Braxton Hicks contractions (or "practice" or "false" contractions) are generally just the bodies way of preparing for labor. For the most part they are a process that many women will go through to varying degrees without issue. Some women are nervous at first, but once they understand the differences between real contractions and these this passes. In some women they are fairly strong and can be uncomfortable, however, so you can treat by opening the lower back area with Tong Ren - needling is probably unnecessary and less useful for this condition. You could work GV 20 generally to raise the Qi, then work on the huatuo areas of L1, L2, L5, S1, S2 and then down to acupuncturepoints/kd1

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