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Brain Tumour


Submitted By: panzer

HI, I have a client with a stage 4 brain tumour. He is just starting one month of radiation therapy.He is uncertain whether acupuncture is advisable during the treatment.

I would like to treat him and wondered if you had any advice on this or knew of any articles on this.

He is open to treatment when he has his chemotherapy but thinks that his immune system should not be stimulated during radiation.

He has been given 4-6 months to live without treatment and one year with.

Thank you so much .


Acupuncture is not only advisable during the treatment it is entirely recommended. Our protocol for brain tumors is as follows. These points would be needled and have tuina done on them as appropriate along with constitutional points added for his overall diagnostic pattern derived from your evaluation of him.

Brain Tumor Treatment Points:

<li>Huatuo at C1</li>
<li>Huatuo at C2</li>
<li>SI 16 - Sky Window Point</li>
<li>Tiandong - a point between LI 16 and LI 17 used primarily with deep tuina ankled down into the body to stimulate the vagus nerve.</li>
<li>TH 16 - Sky Window Point</li>
<li>LV 3, GV 20, and areas of strong tension in the scalp, neck and/or upper back (i.e. ashi points).</li>

For a deeper discussion of some of these approaches, read our tam healing for MS article which is related to the framework for brain tumor treatment.


Brain tumors have been cured with the aid of Qigong treatments.


Wearing my western hematologist/oncologist hat, I have been treating a 26 year old man who has a grade 2, fibrillary astrocytoma of the brain stem. He was treated initially with radiation therapy and oral Temozolamide. There was no change in his tumor&#39s size. He is on maintenance therapy with bevacizumab + irinotecan. I checked his ears with a point finder and noted hyper-reactivity in the areas of representation of his brain stem bilaterally. When he sees me for his regular check-up, I have been treating these reactive points with electrostimulation. He is alive, working full time, and overall feeling pretty well 18 months out from his diagnosis. I plan to continue adding the electrostimulation to his conventional regimen. His tumor has shown minor shrinkage at least twice during these 18 months. I am not aware of clinical trials showing enhanced immunity in persons receiving acupuncture. In any event , I wouldn&#39t be overly concerned about stimulating the immune system . The cell death resulting from radiation therapy itself is probably a significant immunostimulant.

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