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Brachial plexus palsy post surgery


I am a Vascular surgeon and intiated acupuncturist,

1 week ago a performed a complex suergry con a patient ( 32 year old woman) by removing a cervical rib that was causing compression of the brachial plexus, and during the postoperative peridod the patient recovered only partially. She now has pain along the cubital nerve and dysfunction of the 4-5 th fingers of her right hand, which she can´t extend. She also complains of pain in her axilla and shoulder.

The nerves themselves are intact, no nerve was cut during the operation, but I would like to help her recovering from this operation using acupucnture. i´m not quite sure wether to treat along the small intestine channel, triple warmer or large intestine channel,

I would appreciate much your opinions and advice..

Heinz HIller


I think it&#39s difficult to say, but since she can&#39t extend her fingers I feel it&#39s more on the yin-side... I would start at small intestine and probably working on pericardium and triple heater as well. I would also use castor oil-packs to heal any and all scar tissue formed from the surgery.


Needling above and below the scars, in the direction of the channel can help to re-establish flow of the affected meridians. Magnets also have good results with healing scars.


Thank you for your valuable input, so far I have needled those points and Li-10 and 11, and Li-4

with good results, so far the has been some revovery but still some palsy left.


Hello everybody,

the patient has improved greatly all sensation has returned, and range of movements are better,

the pain ocasionaly comes especially when we leave too much time between sessions,

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