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Has anyone had success with shrinking a prostate. PSH is 45 jumped 5-10 time in the last couple years. DRE feels large prostate with nodules. He is refusing biopsy. Male 72. Otherwise healthy. He has straining problems urination, dribbling, no burning. Some nights has to get up 7 times and walk around until he can pie. My Dx is Qi and Blood stasis with yang def. He has quite purple lips, although that is getting better. chi puls is big,tense and jumpy. I have given him several different formulas. Zhen wu tang based. Kai Kit wan based. Given him blood movers. Just Ba zhen san based. He is really sensitive to the herbs and claims that sometimes the herbs make his nights worse. Anyone had some success with advanced BPH?


What other symptoms does he have that help to verify the diagnosis? What does his tongue look like? Are you trying to do this herbs only? or herbs and acupuncture? If w/acupuncture, what points are you using? What is his body temperature at night (hot or cold or even)? And what about during the day?


Besides herbs and acupuncture try this simple breathing technique - ee

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