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Book recommendations

Hello, with a beginners mind in mind I’m looking for feedback on the best books currently available and that everyone would suggest/recommend on Chinese medicine theory along with treatment application that focuses more on the anatomical aspects, acupuncture/acupressure rather than the herbal side of things. I have found that a lot of books focus more on herbal treatment which is great but just not what I’m currently looking for.
Thank you!


Our references section has some of the more common texts listed. Those that would meet your criteria in varying degrees of detail would be:

(arguably the most comprehensive acupuncture point text)

(my preferred general acupuncture point/theory text)

(from a Japanese acupuncture perspective, but very useful for better understanding muscle/sinew channels and various diagnostic procedures in my opinion)

(good basic introduction to the Chinese Medicine diagnostic framework)

(more theoretical and application details than between heaven and earth, but still basic)

(a bit dated and limited by only strict tcm theories, but still quite useful for a range of general approaches and reasoning’s for those approaches).

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