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Bone Spurs Feet


Best remedies for Bone Spurs Feet please :blush:


Are you asking generally or as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine? and what do you mean by “remedies” - are you looking specifically for herbal approaches? If so, those are generally not effective. But to start with you don’t focus on the problem/symptom in Chinese Medicine rather the set of causes - see (“treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

In general terms, bone spurs are contributed to by other imbalances - endocrine issues, tight tendons/muscles, improper foot wear, etc. - there are many potential factors. Proper treatment would involve addressing those causes and well as symptomatic targeting of the treatment. In very general terms our acupuncture for arthritis page would have some of the basic approaches (even though bone spurs are not arthritis per se).


bone spur are growth of the bone . simple solution get a RED CLAY brick heat it , wrap with a towel pour genuine vineger on top of it and place it against where the spur is, for 5 minute. stop this treatment once you do not pain, 2 or three time is sufficient. Highly note vineger soften bones , too much of will make the bones britle.

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