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Blurry vision in right eye with floaters


I have a new patient. She is a 53 year old female with blurry vision and floaters in her right eye only. She has seen several opthalmologists and had an MRI of brain. She is perfect. They are stumped. Her tongue is pale but slightly purple normal coating. Her pulse is wiry. I think because of the floaters it is blood deficiency with some stagnation. She started Si wu tang. Today is her third treatment over 3 weeks....her schedule is busy. She is a healthy eater. I'm stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks


In order to offer advice we would need more information. What other symptoms does she have even if mild? How long has she noticed the eye problems and how long ago was the MRI?

Now in the 3 weeks that you have treated her, what exactly have you done? Just herbs? If acupuncture, what points and why? Along those lines, what has changed with her since treatment - has the tongue improved? If not, why do you think that is? Any other symptoms with good or bad changes over the course of treatment? How did she respond to the herbs - didn&#39t notice taking them at all, felt more energetic, felt calmer, warmer.... ?


Subject to the information which Chad requires. I have a floater, the effects of which I hope are diminishing.

I&#39m sure the etiology was anger, which was constant for 2 weeks. It started with flashing in my left eye, which has since dissapeared. I put this down to Liver-Yang -Rising probably from rebellious Liver- Qi.

Might be a good idea to find out what the patient thought the reason was, or whether there has been a stress pattern.


Thanks Chad and Wen for your comments. She is feeling good after the acupunctue. She is sleeping better, more energy. Her tongue and pulse have not changed. Tongue - wet, slightly purple, no scalloped edges. She has had the floaters for 2 years and blurry vision in one eye a little over a year. She has seen an opthalmologist, retina specialist and an MRI in the last month. All with with good results, but no diagnosis. I am going to try a new formula from Evergreen - ming mu di huan wan which is a tonic. I spoke to Dr. Chen. She has normal bowels, healhy diet, good sleeping. She does have a stressful job that is seasonal.

I did not chart all the points used...but I know I used LIV2,3 - ST 44, SJ 3,4. I used these points because the gallbladder goes behind the eye. I also used ST 36, HT4, LI4 for balancing her stress. plus auricular points. On her last vist, her floater was less dense but her vision was more blurry. She is scheduled to come in on Monday, 4/28. Thanks for any suggestions.


Consider using points on the elbows and knees. These directly image the eyes and often can produce instant change. An effective protocol I have used is:

One side: Kid10, Liv8, Inner Xiyan, Li11, Sj10, Si8

Other side: Lu5, Ht3, Pc3, Zhu Yuan, St35, UB40, GB line point at the knee joint (GB33.5ish)

Also, you can add in GB20.

Zhu Yuan is a pair of extra points located on the interphalangeal joint of the thumb. One is on the ulnar side, the other is on the radial side. It is incredibly effective for eye conditions.

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