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Blunt trauma to the head


Submitted By: dumplin1010

my dear friend got in a critical bike accident friday night and landed on his face, fracturing it in 22 places, including the pallet, nose and jaw, knocking out 3 teeth and shattering others. He had a 10 hr surgery yesterday and will remain in the hospital for at least a week. I would appreciate advice for auricular points (press balls) to address the blunt trauma. Thank you.


How do you know the auricular can treat the blunt trauma of head?

I have to say, for serious accident of body injury, the W.M. has more good rescue ways than TCM. And the X ray, CT, MRI are the best ways to check the injury conditons.

For adult head trauma usually need six months to recover, and he/she may enhance the recover in the next 2 years.


As suggested you must first rule out severe internal brain injury using MRI etc. You could then use local points with laser(3B laser).


yes, of course. there is no brain swelling/damage...CT scan was clear..i&#39m just asking for advice on how to support his healing process and pain management while in the hospital. once out, I will be able to treat him fully. I have not had experience working auricularly with a patient w/ acute head trauma.


I would suggest the following auricular points to help your friend, both for pain relief and promoting healing:

Shen Men, Sympathetic Autonomic Point, Point Zero, Adrenal Gland & Endocrine (Internal secretion), Occiput,Thalamus Point and prostagladin.

One can use natural seeds or margrain steel pellets paste at the above points which can be stimulated for about a minute to two minutes using a press and release technique employing the thumb and index finger.

Let me know if you are unsure of locations of the auricular acupuncture point. Good Luck!


Nonsuchauri- thank you so much! this is just what I needed :) I&#39m all good with the locations..I appreciate your response!

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