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Blotchy hands / vasodilation


Hi – I received some good advice about my ‘empty heat’ and was wondering if there was anything in TCM about a concurrent/possibly related condition I have… for a while (I noticed it last fall), my hands become blotchy from possible vasodilation – red palms/fingers, white spots scattered throughout. Not sure if this is related to the ‘empty heat’ that comes out of the palms/foot soles. The ‘empty heat’ arose slowly and only became semi-consistent this February.

This blotchy skin condition will diminish, even fade at times, like if I raise the hands. Other times they look like pizza patterns, even if I raise them. I began to develop tendonitus/carpal tunnel/tennis elbow issues around the same time that I noticed this skin manifestation, so I wonder if there is some sort of constriction occurring in the arm or shoulder, resulting in this ‘blood pooling’ sort of thing. Is there anything in TCM that speaks of and/or treats this condition?

Edit: I have scheduled an appointment for my first time with an acupuncturist next week, but am hoping to enter with some information.


It could be a combination of factors. Empty heat is a deficiency of yin energy. The blood itself is yin in nature, the movement of the blood is yang in nature. If there is a mismatch of yin and yang at the level of the blood, circulation issues are certainly a possible outcome.

Muscle strain or tension (i.e. carpal tunnel, tendinitis) , depending on where and how deep it is, could also affect the flow of blood to the hands.

So in fact, it could be the imbalance of yin and yang, the tendinitis, or some combination of both. That is something your acupuncturist should be able to more accurately diagnose once they see you.

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