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Blood Pressure


How does acupuncture help lower BP? And can it help to permanently lower BP?

Also, I was told that HT 8 is not often used because it is very powerful. What can you tell me about heart 8 point?

Thank You


Acupuncture is used to treat High Blood Pressure and, yes, along with moderate dietary changes and exercise many people will experience permanent blood pressure reductions and can live without medications. (Some basic treatment protocols are found within our hypertension treatment section.)

With regards to HT 8, it is used less often than say HT 7 which has a broader set of functions. HT 8 is the fire point of the heart meridian which strongly drains excess activity on the meridian. It is a useful point for people who experience strong bouts of anxiety as well as those with heat related symptomatology in the heart/small intestine channels.


Hello and thanks for this post. My girlfriend suffers from high blood pressure for several years now and she has been taking medication for it since. Since we met I'm trying to help her to get off the medications as much as possible by involving her with my martial arts training and recommending her herb teas - such as prunella and hawthorn which helps lowering blood pressure as well as helping to control her high cholesterol level.

I have studied acupuncture but just briefly for about 6 months as part of my martial arts training and trying to find points she can also press for herself to help with the blood pressure. I am also teaching her Chi kung exercises which she does every morning.

So far we are succeeding, because her blood pressure is slowly but surely coming down.

Far as acupuncture goes, is HT7 the best single point to help with this or are there any more effective points? When studying I noticed that in ear acupuncture the Superior Triangle Fossa is also a good spot to use for this purpose.

Thank you!


As I predominately use the Tam Healing System my answers to questions of this nature are often quite different from standard TCM as it is expressed on my site. Personally I rarely use HT 7 for High Blood Pressure, per se. If my patient has high stress levels and/or emotional problems I may add it, but it certainly is not the "best" point for high blood pressure.

For hypertension, our system focuses more on opening the "sky window" area (particularly points such as SI 16, a point we call "tiandong" which is between LI 16 and LI 17, working around the TH 16 area) and on regulating the medulla in the brain (with points such as UB 9 - which controls heart rate/pressure).

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