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Blood overall in itself


I wonder can the blood itself, overall. Not simply concerning a particular organ, can it come to the point that it needs cleaned, tonified, and so on? I know in Hippocratic medicine they say that is the humor that goes first and easiest. Kind of like TCM and the Spleen or Liver functions.

And Chad I got that book you recommended. Thanks very much for the recommendation. A TCM practitioner told me that Chinese herbs have to be blended for the individual. I know western herbs very well but she might want me to try Chinese herbs. I notice you have quite a selection. What does she mean blended individually?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. If you are asking can there be blood issues that are not part of the zheng-fu organ diagnosis then the answer is yes. It is possible to have blood stagnation/deficiency/heat that is generalized to the entire body and not only to a specific organ system. What complicates that however is that baring some infectious disease those blood disorders are generally the result of some chronic organ system(s) problems so it very rare that they would be the only pattern present.

As for the herbs I would assume she meant that Chinese herbal formula technically work best when customized to an individual based on the pattern(s) they are presenting with. We sell many of the standardized formula which are useful when used with a correct diagnosis. However technically speaking the best approach for TCM herbal formula is to create a unique formulation or slightly modify one of the standard formulas that is exactly customized to the pattern(s) the patient is presenting with.


Bingo! Exactly what I was trying to say. Question answered.


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