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Blood loss due to miscarriage


I recently had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I am 42 yrs old with a
lovely little six year old and supportive loving partner.
There was a lot of blood loss. My haemoglobin was counted
at 86 and then a week later as 59.
I usually run everyday and eat a healthy organic plant based diet.
No caffeine, no gluten, no supplements.
I am feeling better each day but I am wondering if acupressure can help restore my vitality ? I miss running and dancing with my little girl. :slight_smile:


Acupressure in my opinion would be very limited for this. Acupuncture, however, can be very useful as can appropriate Chinese Herbal Medicine (which you should see a practitioner for to get the correct formula). Generally speaking formulas such as bu zhong yi qi wan and/or ba zhen wan can be extremely helpful for situations like this. There are, however, many other possible formulas that would be far more helpful for you depending on your actual diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms (see β€œtreating the cause and not the symptoms” for more on that).

Another helpful modality would be moxibustion on points such as ST 36, SP 3 and CV 6 - but, again, your practitioner would know what would be best for you as an individual.


If you don’t have any moral or religious reasons for eating vegetarian a small amount of red meat - like just a few bites worth per week can help restore and regenerate the blood. Bone broth soup/stew is also strongly nourishing. However if that is not possible, for whatever reason, then try to eat a good amount of beets and other root vegetables, dates, and apricots. If you have bloating with loose stools try to eat mostly cooked foods and use relatively bland seasoning until digestion improves. While acupuncture and herbal therapy are almost certainly going to help small tweaks to the diet can help accelerate your recovery.


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question Stephen.
I noticed whenever I eat dark foods, beets, dark beans, black tahini
I feel really good. I wonder if the hospital diluted my blood with the 3 bags
of IV and if that influenced the low haemoglobin result? But I’ve been
doing deep breathing, and taking the energy of the sun and imagining it
healing and restoring my body. To be honest I feel great, I look forward
to eating some apricots. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your time.


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