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i am a lady 45 years old. i have a host of health problems.

from 2004 i have bacterial vaginosis but now the symptoms are not there due to going thru ur site and applying some principles. i thank you for that

now the problems that i am facing are my facial skin looks withered and lot of horizontal lines appeared on my forehead as many as 6-7. all the pores in my face r open. i sweat a lot and it stinks also my tongue is very pale.i have profuse hair loss and this over the course of 6 years. it has reduced to 1/5th of the hair i it is very very thin. hair just falls off the room i am in is full of h air around. i used to have a bright white complexion. but now i dull brownish tinge.

i am feeling a pulling feeling i my head. i am severely photophobic.

lots of small liquid filled eruptions on my face all over.

i am totally bloated and and while i travel my feet swells some times.

this bloating slowly i start after having food from 10 a.m. and it reaches the maximum in the evening and reduces to half at nightfall and in the morning when i get up all the bloat is gone .

the stomach abdomen feels full and front and back pain and abdomen hangs out.

of late i have found that while i am mentruating i dont bloat. after the 5th day i start the bloating cycle i get headache before my periods starts nowadays

could a remedy be found for my condition.

thanks in advance


thanks a lot will do the needful.


thank you once again. i have a small query aboutthe acupressure points. is there any specific way to manipulate the points?



for how long should the medicines b taken?



Particularly when you have an array of health issues you should not attempt to treat yourself. While acupressure and herbal combinations can be helpful, incorrectly used they can be disruptive or at best minimally helpful. With regards to your conditions, the first thing I would recommend is getting general blood work done and having your thyroid checked. Hair loss at the amount you are describing is not normal and may be a sign of underlying thyroid issues. While you may choose to work with a Chinese Medicine practitioner to help resolve these issues, knowing what you are working with is critical.

The points Feng listed are more or less ok, but only a few are truly effective with acupressure (he is describing point protocols that might possibly be useful for an acupuncturist). Acupressure can not replicate what is done within proper acupuncture treatments. That said, and from what you&#39ve described, regular acupressure (1-2 minutes per point/per day) at LV 3 and LI 4 and ST 36 should be helpful.

Herbally (again you should see someone locally if at all possible), I would start with Xiao Yao Wan with Bao He Wan (5 tablets of each 3/x day) avoiding the Xiao Yao Wan during your menstrual cycle. Another option would be to start with just Shu Gan Wan alone and then possibly switch to Xiao Yao Wan after the bloating improves. You should expect to take the formulas for 2-3 months so long as symptoms are improving.

Again the best is to see someone locally who can properly diagnose you. They can then recommend herbal formulas, dietary changes, and acupressure points that are directly related to your condition at the present time.


Loss hair is liver blood deficiency and liver stagnation, and liver Qi attack spleen & stomach cause food stasis and bloate, sweating at daytime is Qi deficiencycy, swell at feet is kidney deficiency, so you have Liver & kidney yin deficiency with spleen & stomach Qi stagnation. Formula is: Xiao Yao Wan/Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan+Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan. Points: Lv3, Li4, Ren12, Sp15, 9, 6, Pc6, St40, 36,25, Kd 3, 6, Sj6, Ub 18, 20-23 etc..


As, Dr. Chad said, actually these points good for acupuncture, you need find an acupuncturist to help you do those points treatment, or you can find a massage therapist to do acupressure, if youself do is ok, but will very slow effective, because you illness is long time. the herb pills you can eat one times daily at beginning, if you feel good, you can add to 2 times daily, normally 5-7 pills each time for each medicine is good.


Underlying thyroid problems is one issue. Colon cleansing is another way of combating the fullness and bloating issues.

A balanced nutrition managements is very useful. Green vegestables, fresh fruits, proteins, fibrous foods and plenty of clean water. I find eating warm foods and warm drinking fluids incredibly helpful.

Plenty of sleep and regular excise is all part and parcel of healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself to regular massages, energy healing or any useful modalities to meet your needs.

I find bush walks is always good the mind, body and soul.


it would be at the middle of the problem that i went to an allopathic doctor and got tested for thyroid. they confirmed that i was fine . the hair loss and the dry skin problems confused me and thats how i got to this site.

i think i must be able to find a practitioner here though it may be very hard, in the meantime i will try to get the medicines that you have mentioned

thanks a lot



and another thing is i keep on belchip and burping the whole day. dont know why.


Belchip is stomach Qi go up, you can add points: Sp3, 4, Ub17, Ren13.



should i take any specific herb or formula for the stomach qi going up?



No need, you can do some breath exercise or Tai Chi Qi Gong Dao Yin to lead body qi go down out(fart) will be better.


thank you

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