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Blindpimple on chin


i was wondering if anyone had any insight onto what a blind pimple on the centre of chin could signify ? what meridian point does it sit on? i know the LI meridian passes thru and encircles the mouth and LI is about digesting or not digesting life in this case ? any comment?


for blind pimple, there is 3 patterns, 1, wind heat, 2, wind damp, 3, Stomach and Intestine heat, Points: Li11, 4, Ub40, Sp10, 6. for wind heat add Du14, wind damp add Sp9, St and Li heat at St25, 36.


thank you Feng Mei it makes more sense - lots of anger in Li and not digesting "life" situation LI/ St with worry in the spleen. what is Ub40 and Du - i am not familiar with these points ?

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