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Bleeding Kidney


I am gathering all info I can. I work with a Acupuncturist that guides our healing work. I contracted Chikungunya July 2016 and the internal inflammation felt life threatening. Dec. 2016 I had a nasty bout of kidney stones never previously indicated. (no genetics; no family history; rarely red meat; small amounts of chicken; no salt; 100+oz H2O daily; all whole, organic foods; little sugar; no processed/fast food; )

Only one stone was seen in a CT in Dec. 3mm and expected pass. Seemed to clear up after that 12/27/16 hospital visit for pain remediation.

Aug. ;it started up again and the bleeding was awful an scary; clots passing, etc. Pain took me to hospital again and CT showed no visible stones but evidence of stones and a clot in the kidney a stone could be wrapped in. Many clots have passed and the bleeding has lessened but continues with some small clots appearing. Occasionally my urine is clear and vaguely yellow.

I believe you always find what you’re looking for so unless there is some good reason indicating a need to look for something more dire, I am more inclined to look for the reasons my kidney is so angry and traumatized (I think it’s the result of the massive and long term inflammation internally and the hard work it has been doing to clear the virus out of me) and what I can do to ease it, comfort it and help it heal.

The bloating and weight gain from ongoing joint and tissue pain (similar to RA), muscle weakness, general lethargy and lack of wellness caused by the CHIK-V has been horrible and taken a toll. I was just getting back to being able to walk a mile when the bleeding and then the pain came on again. I eat little but it’s still sluggish moving through … unable to overcome it in the heat … do better when it cools. My constitution runs hot and wet naturally/originally but strong, athletic and healthy. NO drugs and no MDs - except to help diagnose this!

Any input will be much appreciated.


What is your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms from your acupuncturist? Does your current acupuncturist also practice Chinese herbal medicine? If so, or even if not, have you taken any Chinese herbal medicine - if not, why?, if so, what have you tried, at what dose and with what result? Are you currently receiving acupuncture? If so, how often, what general points, and with what result?


I"m sorry Chad, I don’t have all those details. Yes my Acupuncturist
practices TCM and Integrative Medicine. He has been treating me for over
10 years for various injuries, Shingles and general health and well being.
Yes I am currently having treatment at about 1/10 days +/- and I have taken
a number of TCM to cool the fire, to dissolve stones, and probably a couple
other things.
~ Crack down middle of tongue gets smaller but stays
~ Fire + mucous
~ Liver stressed
He’s pretty whole picture oriented and likes to work in silence and not
engage my intellect any more than necessary during treatment so I don’t
know all those details. He’s worked with me successfully through a variety
of things through the years and I trust him implicitly. He even does the
research on new things like Chikungunya.


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