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Bleeding issues


I am a woman in late 40s, that I believe is starting menopause. I have had irregular periods last year, some bleeding longer than 10-14 days. My ob gyn put me on mediprogesterone, which when taking it in October seemed to stop my periods for 6 months. Then in late April , I started again, but now it seems that bleeding is going on past the normal 5-6 days of a regular cycle. Are there any herbs I can take to regulate the length of bleeding? I am still trying to conceive, and don’t want to mess with Western medicine any further.


Yes, there are many potential herbal formulas that can be helpful both for the current symptoms and to facilitate conception. That said, for anyone really, but particularly with a range of relatively serious imbalances like this you will absolutely need to see a practitioner. You will get the best result from both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. You should be prepared, however, to see a practitioner for at least 3 months if not much longer. And depending on all the details of your history you may do best to abstain from trying to conceive for a few months to get all of your hormones in better shape and stop the bleeding. You should find a practitioner that has reasonable experience with fertility (many do even if they don’t “specialize” in it - which is sort of a misnomer in Chinese Medicine anyhow - but that’s an entirely different discussion).

Suffice it to say, while your situation may seem bad - I probably had 10 patients this week alone that are roughly in the same situation. It’s definitely treatable, but it’s not particularly easy, primarily because you are trying to conceive which changes the approach a bit. But with a skilled practitioner in your area you should do well.


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