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Bladder Condition


Submitted By: pboast

Hello Friends , nice to be here ,

I am a zen shiatsu student and at the end of my first years study . I have had a client who has these conditions , Gout and a Bladder issue ( urinates about 5 times a night and there is much more urine than the client drinks before going to bed) . In my diagnosis I kept getting lung issues coming up , does anyone here think it could be the kidneys not grasping the Qi from the lungs ?

Would love to hear your views and possible indications of what the problem is .

Good Wishes,



Do you know if he is taking any western medicines for gout? Allopurinol? If so, that may lead to nocturia. Blood pressure meds (diuretics) can also do this, along with others. He may want to consider consulting a Chinese Medicine practitioner and possibly doing herbs and/or acupuncture along with your work to deal with gout at the root level and remove the need for western medicines.

As for the specific diagnosis of KD failing to grasp the Qi - this more often relates to asthma in particular although it can be other things. Generally in Chinese Medicine nocturia is either weak KD qi/yang (more common) or excessive dampness from a weak SP. Medicines, however, can create patterns within patterns so it is good to understand that aspect as well.


Hey Paul

Has he/she tested for diabetes?


Thank you for reply , I have not asked this question but will do so ,

best of wishes, paul.


Thank you Chad for your great info , I will be checking all this out .

best of wishes,paul.


don&#39t forget to ask about the color of the urine. Clear/no smell more likely is deficiency or cold, yellow/strong smell would be excess/heat. Is there any pain with urination? Pain could indicate heat, cold, blood stasis, etc. depending on the other symptoms. also, how long has this been going on? for example, If it is 1 week and there is fever/chills I would suspect an infection and relesae the exterior.

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