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Black and Blue after acupuncture?



I have been going to a very old Chinese Acupuncture practicioner for about a month now. I have been going to another one for 2 months although I felt like it wasn't helping me so I switched.

I am not sure if this one is helping me either although is working on a different issue (fibroid) - my problem is that last time I went, after the session I felt the left side of my adbomen (ovary) tender and a little swollen , right where he had inserted the needles, when I got home I saw it was starting to become black and blue so I went back to the doctor who said it was nothing and told me to put warm compresses on it.

My question is, is it normal to get black and blue bruised like that? I might have moved a little during that session, can that have caused the bruise? This doctor usually moves the needles once inserted and push them a little deeper (something that my first acupuncturist didn't do) - can that cause permanent damage to my ovaries/uterus??? I am pretty worried - the black and blue is still there after a week - I am putting arnica on it but I hope this won't cause me any additional problems!!!

Hope someone can answer my questions.



Minor bruising/hematomas are fairly common with acupuncture particularly deeper techniques. Even without deeper techniques some points are more prone to this than others. Generally it is absolutely harmless and will clear up on its own within a few days to a couple weeks at the most (this largely depends on the area, abdominal points can stay longer). It is in no way indicative of harm to the internal organs so I wouldn&#39t worry about that.

Generally people with fibroids have some related menstrual issues and perhaps other anxiety/stress related issues as well, something we call liver qi stagnation (although there are other diagnoses). I mention this because there should be other issues that are changing along with your treatment that help you guage the efficacy of the treatment. Generally 2-3 months is more than enough time to experience significant changes in your condition. If you are not seeing these I would consider switching practitioners. If you are more sensitive to the needling you could consider Japanese acupuncture which uses milder techniques. Personally someone who also practice herbal medicine would be preferable for fibroids/menstrual issues.


To check your abdomen inside problem, use your fingers press the blue and black area then suddently lift up your fingers, if you feel not very pain, it is ok, if you feel pain and suddently very pain, that mean you need go hospital advance check. By the way, during period time, it is better no acupuncture.


Thank you for your replies.

I am in NY and this is my second acupuncturist. The first one I was going to for 2 months and didn&#39t see any improvement at all (but she was treating only infertility, no fibroid). Whith this one I believe I ovulated a little earlier but I am not sure it&#39s because of the acupuncture (this second acupuncturist is treating my fibroid, which is small but located in an unfortunately location that doesnt let me get pregnant) - I do not have fibroid symptoms, so the acupuncture is mainly to shrink the fibroid so I can get pregnant. Thanks.


Just so you understand better how we treat conditions and for others who might read this post... Acupuncture does not treat "conditions" per se, it treats patterns. There is no viable way for your acupuncturist to treat "infertility" without also treating "fibroids" and the causes of fibroids and vice versa. Acupuncture takes all issues into account and treats what we call patterns - properly done you should experience positive changes in mood, your menstrual cycles, your fibroids, and your fertility among other possible health issues. This is no judgement on any of your practitioners, it&#39s a difficult concept to explain at times that&#39s all. It&#39s important for you to know, however, because you should be able to better judge the effectiveness of your treatments with knowledge that 10 different observable things might be changing (just for an example) instead of just waiting until one very specific thing happens.


Bruising is sometimes experienced by pateints, it is often a sign that your blood needs treating. As Chad explained, Chinese Medicine treats patterns in the patient, and rarely addresses specific organs or complaints. Nevertheless, I treat many women who have been diagnosed as having a fibroid growth - I specialise in fertility and it comes up quite often. I would agree that finding a practitioner who prescribes herbs as well as doing acupuncture is a good idea. The combination is very effective but, can take up to six months to work. Frequently I find that blood deficiency is a feature and the treatments are aimed at improving the overall blood quality.

As with any therapy, finding the right practitioner is important, not just for their interpersonal qualities but, their experience and qualifications.

Good luck!

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