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Bitter taste on eating sweet


Hello Sir,

I have an old lady patient complaining for bitter taste on taking any sweet(sugar, or any sweet dish) and she actually forgot the sweet taste and instead every sweet taste her bitter. She has chronic constipation + high blood sugar + sleep disk + ankle joint pain.

So if you help me out to understood bitter taste problem with TCM



What is her TCM diagnosis overall with supporting signs - tongue, pulse, etc? What have you tried already and what kind of response did you have - positive, negative, nothing? There are a multitude of things from a western medicine approach that could elicit changes in taste buds. There is nothing, however, that I can see in this one symptoms that would make or break an overall TCM diagnosis using all the tools we have available to us. I suggest you first come to a diagnosis for all of her issues overall, treat that, and then write back if the bitter taste doesn&#39t change as the other issues improve.


There&#39s a herb people can buy that when they take a wee bit, all sweets will taste bitter. It&#39s some kind of a weight-loss effort for people addicted to sugar. Maybe this prediabetic woman is blessed more than she realizes.

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