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Birth control (female)


Thank you for your reply on the milk/juice topic. My children were all breast-fed, but moved to cow-based milk afterward and still drink it today. Maybe I should start cutting down.

I had another question. I have read articles by many holistic providers about the problems with the Birth Control Pill and other artificial hormones. I was on it many years myself and wonder if it contributed to my irregular cycles for years afterwards. Anyway, one article I read suggested the IUD as a better and healthier option of birth control. I do not know which would be better... IUD or some sort of female permanent sterilization. I cannot go by the more natural timing method because I have irregular cycles and ovulation usually falls later and not on the same day each time. What do you usually recommend for women wanting birth control?


Any form of birth control will cause stagnation from a Chinese Medicine perspective and only some forms of IUD are not hormonal based so you will have to research your options well with input from your physician. I recommend you spend some time on the internet (not always a good idea, I know...) reading peoples experience with IUD. They are generally all over the place, but many women do not have a good experience. Personally, I spend a fair amount of time working with women to resolve their underlying issues and getting their IUD's removed as they have more problems with the IUD than without. But my bias, of course, is that people come to me when they are having issues. It is, however, a decent option for BC but I certainly wouldn't say it is safer. It is a reasonable option for people that either cannot remember to take birth control pills or cannot tolerate them and for the forms of IUD without hormones it may be better for your body.

Overall, I would recommend that you have acupuncture to straighten out your menstrual cycle and hormones now, then a natural method would be more useful to you. Acupuncture does a fantastic job working these issues out. You will feel better now, can avoid an IUD and other hormonal forms of BC, and quite possibly avoid a lot of problems that are bound to happen at menopause if you go into that time period with long-term hormonal imbalances.


Chad refers to Natural Family Planning which includes abstinence certain days of the month. Thoses days are determined by the mucus vaginal discharge and a basal body temperature. If followed, natural family planning is successful and easy if both partners are on the same page. Your trust in natural family planning would increase if you had a more predictable cycle, but if you are observant to the natural changes your body tells you you can predict your fertility.

Being in the midst of the menopause time, I amen Chad's recommendation to work out hormonal issues before you get to menopause. The changes of menopause only accent any menstrual issues from the menopausal equivalent of PMS or bodily discomforts. (Ask any partner who lives through it with you- you will get lots of support to handle issues now !)

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