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Best time of the day to take herbs


Hello! I’ve posted questions in the past about empty heat from the palms and soles. I recently returned to the school where I was initially diagnosed and they subscribed zhi bo di huang wan to see if this would clear the heat. Perhaps because it was a school and/or I was a bit woozy after the needle treatment, but I didn’t receive a whole lot of information about the herbs (they came in granule form, to be made into a tea), but I did come across this:, which suggests taking ‘heavier’ herbs (roots, bark) before meals. Would you all concur? Also, is it possible to sweeten the herbs with honey, or will this dilute the effect? I ask because the Cork Bark extract is incredibly bitter. Also, are granules better than teapills? I can’t afflict my pregnant wife with the smells of concocting raw herbs at the moment :slight_smile:

Also, a while back, Chad mentioned that having empty warmth/tingles from the soles and hands due to stress was fairly common from his experience. Are there any signs I could look out for to determine the results of the herbs in the next few weeks (I know this will be a long process…)? I won’t be able to return to the school for at least a couple months, due to work & home matters. I have noticed that the duration of the more intense warmth (particularly the feet) seems to have lessened in the week or so, though it is difficult to determine sometimes.


So the best person to ask this question to is the person who prescribed you the herbs. Dosages and timing can vary greatly depending on the patient and the preferences/experience of the practitioner. For me, when we use zhi bai di huang wan, we tend to use it later in the evening because if taken closer to bedtime in most people it will help sleep as a byproduct of the cooling effect of the herbs. But some may be midly stimulated from the strengthening effect of the herbs and may need to take it during the day. Yet others, at least in teapills, will need multiple doses a day (how it is usually recommended) to get a good clinical effect. The only one to answer this correctly for you, is your practitioner.


Ah, thanks for this. I asked here because it was a student-practitioner who gave me the recs. as opposed to a full fledged instructor/professional, the school is more than an hour away, etc. I can definitely tell the herbs are starting to take effect, though, it’s kind of amazing to feel the gradual alleviation after months and months.


So just FYI, every student has to clear their prescription with their clinic supervisor (a licensed practitioner). As students they cannot legally give you anything without a licensed practitioner writing off on it. Any answer they give you about dosages also has to be cleared by their supervisor. It should be no problem for you to call the clinic and ask this question. You should not have to drive to the clinic to discuss something that should have been clearly described to you at the time of your appointment.


Good to know… As I said, I was a bit woozy after the treatment. I’ll give them a call. I also wanted to applaud what you wrote to another petitioner on the board – how these issues can take time to resolve. With Western Medicine, it seems the emphasis is on suppressing the problem as swiftly as possible, and for many of us, that is the accustomed method–why isn’t this working? But as I’ve had to learn, the body can sometimes take quite a while to heal. Patience is key, otherwise, anxiety over ‘results’ simply aggravates the condition.

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