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Best Resources for Biomedicine NCCAOM prep


Can anyone recommend the best online resources (paid or not), or books to use for prep for the biomedicine NCCAOM test. I studied TCM in the UK and am not familiar with this exam and want to get as familiar with the material as possible before I sit it. I guess schools in the US prepare students for the exams? I’m left with a ton of online resources but not sure which are the best to use. Can anyone share how they prepared and what were the most useful books etc. Thanks in advance.


The NCCAOM has study content outlines available via their website. That is a pretty good place to start. There are a few texts that can help prep as well - most have varied reviews, but they are at least in the ballpark which is all you need.

And, yes, schools in the US do teach for the exams - some far more than others.

The website has modules available for the exams and they publish their pass rates which are fairly high - although obviously the people using the site are probably more motivated students who are more concerned about grades and likely didn’t even need to use the site but used it out of stress. Either way, besides the extra expense, it may be worth it.

Honestly, in my opinion, the exams are not that difficult if you’ve been properly trained. Not sure what the training that you had is, but if they are letting you sit for the exam, you are more than likely already prepared. I would focus on the free content outlines and study anything that doesn’t immediately make sense.


Thanks Chad, I looked at all the resources you recommend and they seem great. Your answer has really helped.


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