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Best reference for study


Hello everyone! My name is O and im 23 years old male from Finland. I study acupuncture and chinese medicine.

I have a problem with choosing a reference for my studies of the indications of acupoints.

My teacher is chinese and speaks only chinese (I am in china at the moment.) He told me to memorize all the points of major importance and their indications completely. He also said to me that I have to find out the reference for myself since I can only speak, not read chinese.

I have the following books:

-Atlas of acupuncture by C.Focks (Churchill and livingstone 2008)

-Five dragons complete acupuncture course as pdf

-Manual of acupuncture CD-rom by Peter Deadman

-And the only book I could find in finnish language from finland.

All books teach the same principles and basics, except the indications of the points which seem to be more or less different in every book.

Which reference is worth memorizing?

Thank you for your kind answer!



Well our site is probably the best place to start. If you read each section and click around quite a bit you will find a wealth of information, study guides, charts, etc. For example, within the acupuncture points section you can click on each of the heading titles (actions & effects, location) and you will be taken to charts that have all the relevant information (but not too much information like you find in the texts).

For example:

lung meridian - graphic

lung meridian - locations

lung meridian - actions

lung meridian - general info

For texts, I think the two best are deadman&#39s manual of acupuncture and andrew ellis&#39 fundamentals of acupuncture. Then of course, for overall learning the CAM manual is not the best, but it does have all the basics for diagnosis and treatment.


Deadman came out the year I graduated from acupuncture school. It&#39s one of the best books in my library. The one I reference the most. I highly recommend it.


I use Fundamentals of Clinical Acupuncture by Kassam and Gowan to be a great "pocket" size acupoints book with full-colour pictures to assist you in finding the correct locations. It gives a brief summary of indications and applications for each point.

Deadman&#39s is an excellent book and one that many acupuncturists rely on. It covers all the points and gives very thorough explanations of the point descriptions and clinical applications. It also gives point

prescriptions for most disorders and symptoms which I have found reliable for treating conditions.

The Foundations Of Chinese Medicine by Maciocia covers soem basics of TCM and covers the important acupuncture points if you want just to focus on the main points.

Hope this helps and good luck with your studies:)

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